8h and 36h analyses on ethylene oxide added to our portfolio

We are delighted to inform you that, as of now, we offer analyses on ethylene oxide with the fast reporting times of 8h and 36h after arrival of the sample at the lab.

Previously, 5 working days was the standard reporting limit for our analyses on ethylene oxide. However, we continuously aim to optimize our reporting times as we know that fast reporting times are in line with market expectations.

The 8h and 36h reporting option is also available in our online analysis request tool Extranet.


  • Method code: ETHOX_01_A
  • Parameter on analytical report: Ethylene oxide (sum of ethylene oxide and 2-chloro-ethanol expressed as ethylene oxide)
  • Matrices: food and feed
  • Sample volume: minimal 100 g
  • Analysis time:
    • 8h
    • 36h
    • 5 working days (incl. transport)
  • Packaging: Since ethylene oxide is a volatile component, the sample has to packaged airtight.
  • LOQ: 0,01 mg/kg
  • Accredited? Yes


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